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Esthan is a leading PR agency that specializes in growing IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data analytics businesses. We offer our marketing services to connected technology companies by getting them featured on the most authoritative publications in the world while developing their overall Brand and SEO. We use industry influencers to reach the potential audience and spread awesome words about your brand.


This is why we're awesome!

Industry specialisation

We are a team of highly efficient and growth driven influencers, experts and marketers who specialize in IoT, M2M, AI and Big Data industry. We only invite​ and engage with​ businesses for which we have​ the requisite​ developed assets, connections, knowledge, audience, and expertise. S​end​ us a mail to know how we can effectively help you in reaching your goals.

Quick Turn-around

We know how important winning ​is ​for you. Therefore​,​ we keep our ​team on toes to ensure that there are no delays in your marketing campaigns. ​Our ​team is well equipped to work under​ extreme situations​ and​ to cater your needs​ in a proactive way. ​Every team has a separately designated person to infuse innovation in your campaigns in order to attract and meet the needs of your audiences.

Highly Flexible

Our strategy is different for every business and our ​team ​is ​updated with the latest and the best tools, market, news analysis in your industry to market your startup​ or​ brand. ​​We are always available to ​hear out your issues and work on them in a collaborative manner.​ ​After hearing your brand story​,​ we brainstorm for 48 hours to bring​ out the best strategy to accelerate your business. The same will be discussed with you before it can be implemented in full swing. We value your feedback at every stage and therefore, your input is always welcome.


How do we make it all happen?

Building Corporate Reputation
Our corporate reputation program covers everything from branding​ and​ storytelling to social media and event management. This is an all in one program where we help brands in our expertise niches to gain a listing on the top awards, publications, social pages and newsletters. Our experts and influencers work day ​in ​and night ​out ​on ​making your​ campaigns​ a big success​.
Story Telling
We are always excited to know about your story.​ Tell us ​about everything from the inception of the idea to your future plans to flourish. ​We will ​construe your stories and help you communicate your ideologies, solutions, vision and expertise with the potential audience​s.​ Our PR specialists have helped​ various​ brands in getting their stor​ies​ covered ​by ​YourStory, INC, Entrepreneur and dozen more ​renowned ​publications.
Media Outreach
Our team comprises of technology influencers and experts, who share a big voice in IoT, Machine Learning, AI and Big Data industry. We reach out to the right publications and reporters for media coverage of your brand. Our authority, database, deep connections, and industry knowledge has paved the way to a significant increase in sales for our clients in very short time.
Crisis Management
We know how much impact influencers and journalists can create in the eyes of their readers and viewers. In the crucial times​, our team of influencers and experts work​s​ on strict deadlines to ​deliver the best for your brand. We know ​that ​any​ ​delay​ and failure​ can ​lead to an irreversible ​loss for your brand and therefore​,​ our only mantra is "High Speed and Efficiency" in emergency situations.
Event Management
Our event management program is an all in one solution for IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data and AI events. We shout out for your event to​ ensure that your​ passes​ are filled​ with industry leaders, experts, enthusiasts and executives. We ​can ​​help you connect with real experts and bring sponsors for your event. Our deep connections in​ ​​various ​industries will pave the way to a highly successful event.
We understand your audience and can create great content for your blogs to increase the traffic on it. We can invite industry experts and influencers to actively contribute their work on your blogs which can help you engage the readers and build your email list. Our focus is on building an amazing CTA for your blog, so that everything can be put on automation. Our consistency will ensure popularity generation for your brand

Building Corporate Reputation program pricing

Note: All our programs are result oriented, we charge a success fee on the basis of results achieved during the campaign.

Startup (Retainer)
$1499 Month
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  • 4 Member Team (shared)
  • 60 Hours
  • PR and SEO strategizing
  • Product & team analysis
  • Authoritative Media Coverage
  • Blog Management
  • Intellectus membership
  • Media Pitches
  • Press release generation
Enterprise (Retainer)
$3999 Month
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  • 5 Member Team (dedicated)
  • 120 Hours of work
  • PR and SEO strategizing
  • Product & team analysis
  • Authoritative Media Coverage
  • Blog Management
  • Intellectus membership
  • Media Pitches
  • Press release creation & submission
  • Crisis management support
  • Profiling+ (Interviews & awards)
  • Link Building+ (owned media)
  • Blogging+ (managing your blog)
Launch (One-time)
$9999 4 months
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  • Best suitable for event or product launch
  • 300 hours of work
  • 7 member team (dedicated)
  • 1 Project Manager (10+ years experience)
  • 1 expert (Industry expert)
  • 1 Graphic designer
  • 2 writers (technical writers)
  • 2 Interns (enthusiasts)

Meet Our Team

The behind the magic

Yash Mehta
CEO & Co-Founder
Yash Mehta is an internationally recognized IoT, M2M and Blockchain expert who has worked with over 100 tech brands in their marketing and product development. He understands the core of publishing media and has decoded ways to get startups featured in the most authoritative publications through his years of experience in this industry.
Anshuman Sinha
Operations Head
Raavi Mehta
Chief Content Strategist
Raavi is a writer at heart and she finds her spirits soaring every time she pen's down her thoughts. Standing a little over five feet, she is fascinated to see the world from a bird's eye‐view. Crazy ideas possess her and she has a lust for adventure. She has an insatiable appetite to read, write and research.
Vikas Reddy
Account Manager
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Sanro Mathew
Technical content head
Sanro is a science and technology enthusiast who has developed an aptitude for physical sciences. With an engineering background and being a nascent programmer, he is multi-faceted in his capability. Additionally, having a flair for writing, Sanro is prolific in his capacity as a writer while maintaining ingenuity in his writings.
Chief editor and innovation


Our credibility and knowledge are in IoT, Crypto, Machine Learning and Big Data technologies.

Project Planning
Content creation


What others are saying about us

"Our product got featured on some of the biggest publications in the world and project was completed well before the agreed deadline. I would highly recommend them to any IoT and Big Data company looking for real marketing/PR."

Maya Anderson via Twitter

"Esthan produces high-quality and well-researched content at very very affordable prices. They are quick as well."

Agustin Palez Ubidots - IoT Platform

"When it comes to PR, these guys are the ones who drive innovation and affordability."

Mouli Srini Mobodexter - PAASMER IoT solution platform

"Thanks to theme, we've just launched our 5th website! Keep up the excellent work. I could probably go into sales for you. It's incredible."

Selvam VMS DiscoveryIoT - Blockless DAG IoT Network


via Web

"It's been over 2 years since I have been outsourcing my projects to Esthan. I can bet that these guys are the best in the industry."

Russell Murphy Hurify - Decentralised Blockchain IoT soultion platform

"It really saves me time and effort. theme is exactly what our business has been lacking."

via Facebook

"theme is both attractive and highly adaptable. I love theme. theme is the next killer app."

Remy Sharp via Facebook

"If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation - theme's got you covered."

Victinx via Web


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