Additional services or La-Carte

The La Carte services are additional services that can be obtained by our clients along with their current reputation program



6 in-depth blogs

On-page SEO

Contributor invitation

Lead engagement

Blog management

Link Building+


Indepth coverage on 4 publications

Tiered link building model

5 x Blogger outreach

25 x Q/A and forum links

Off page SEO



3x Award entry and advocacy

2 Interviews with journalists

5 x pitch for speaking slots 

Off page reputation building

2 x Influencer vouching


In this service, we fully manage your blog section

  • Writing and publishing 6 well written and deeply researched articles in your industry.
  • Improving the on-page SEO of your blog so that more people can land into your blog pages through search engines.
  • Inviting influencers and experts in your industry to contribute their thoughts exclusively on your blog.
  • Engaging and transforming your readers into active leads by bringing them to your sales funnel.



We understand how much credibility and trust you can build in front of your customers by winning authoritative awards in your industry. Closing a deal with a new customer becomes easier when they recognize you as an award-winning team in your niche.

Getting awards and speaking slots to your Sr. management from authoritative platforms also brings great enthusiasm in

Esthan exactly caters this need with the help of our deep connections with top journalists, event companies and influencers. We along with our partners vouch for your brand and win you awards, paid speaking slots and interviews.

Profiling+ is an extraordinary branding service that gives you the following be . Esthan is all about relationships with media, journalists and influencers. In this service, we explore all our contacts, build an opportunity and introduce you to them.

  • Exploring all our contacts with journalists and influencers in your industry and arranging an interview with them every fortnight or twice every month.
  • Preparing a list of 3 upcoming awards in your industry and strategically nominate your business by filling the nomination form, explaining your business to their selection committee and getting recommendations from industry influencers.


Additional PR services

Link Building+

Link Building+ offers you quick publishing on publications owned by us or our partners. The coverages obtained in this plan are often in-depth or full coverage.

  • 4 In-depth sto