Full Fledged Corporate Reputation Program

A 100 days program that covers everything from branding​ and​ storytelling to social media and SEO. This is an all in one program where we help companies in our expertise niches to gain more sales by listing them on the top awards, publications, social pages and newsletters.

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Find and win the trust of your potential customers & investors.

When investors and potential customers find you on authority sources they automatically tend to trust your organization for their business. Esthan has CMS access to 125 authoritative publications in the technology and business industries.

We support you in your Thought Leadership Journey

Becoming a thought leader is hard and confusing because of the availability of multiple platforms to start with and the consistency required to gain meaningful results. Esthan with the help of Intellectus have contractually partnered with 55 authoritative publications to take care of all your thought leadership needs.

Trusted by Brands Worldwide

Esthan has worked with over 55 brands in IoT, Blockchain and SaaS industry. Our partners love us and have continued to do their business with us year after year.

Recent Work

See our work in action with leading IoT, Blockchain and SaaS companies

Esthan complete reputation program is a one-stop-shop for us every time when we onboard a new tech company. They have the ability to quickly get content published on large publications which helps us in building authority and getting qualified leads for our clients.

– Maya Anderson, PR Queen

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a few commonly asked questions.

What type of companies do you work with?

Esthan has built core expertise and experience in working with companies that offer a SaaS platform, online service or technologies like IoT, M2M, Web3, Blockchain and Data Science.

What is the difference between Link placement and PR placement?

A link placement offers a backlink and a mention of your product or service. The mention is about 2-3 lines and the article is created in your industry.

A PR placement is a much more detailed placement about your brand, product or service. A PR placement often covers a backlink, 2-3 paragraph long description about the brand, a quote from the organization’s CXO and relevant image or video.

How do we hire Esthan for our company?

We are a bunch of talented marketing and content development professionals who are easier to approach and communicate with. To hire us, simply choose the most suitable plan from here. Our senior team intensively works with your organization for 4 months to bring extraordinary results at the lowest price. Later we move you to a retainer plan which starts at $799/month.

What are the payment options available?

We accept payments through USDT, Bitcoin, Wire/Bank, Transferwise and PayPal. 

The payment can be divided upto 3 installments. However, if you make complete payment in one shot then you can avail 8% discount on the original invoice. Simply send an email to contact@esthan.com to avail the same.

What makes Esthan PR firm unique?

Esthan is driven by a mission of ’empowering experts to become thought leaders’. All our endeavors are focused to establish our partner’s brand as an authority and their leaders among top industry thought leaders.

What is Intellectus platform?

Intellectus is a prestigious Thought-Leadership platform for experts that partners with publications/blogs/media-sites globally. 

All Intellectus Experts can share their ideas, thoughts and insights freely on any of our partnered publications (eg: Forbes, Business Insider etc.) and capitalize the opportunity to:-
1) Reach global audience
2) Establish credibility and trust in the market
3) Showcase knowledge and expertise
4) Increase engagement
5) Build Public Relations

Can Esthan be our CMO?

We see our clients’ as long term partners. We will do anything and everything required to build your brand and increase your sales.

If you are very tight on budget or looking for a marketing leader in your industry then we do have a great offer for you. Esthan takes a stake between 2-7 percent of your company and in return, we offer you our best services at 50% of the cost and a dedicated marketing officer from our leadership team.

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